Lifeguard Job Description- ages 15 and up

  • GUARDING AT Sleepy Hollow
  • The purpose of lifeguarding at Sleepy Hollow is to make our club a safe, clean, and enjoyable place for members, guests, and staff. Maintain a professional rapport and attitude at all times.
  • Create a positive first and last impression; be attentive, listen carefully, and follow through so that a member or guest feels that you care.
  • Handle basic problems and complaints in a non-personal, calm, and factual manner.
  • Kindly and consistently enforce all Sleepy Hollow policies, procedures, and rules.


  • The lifeguard's main responsibility is to watch the pool and recognize and respond to any emergency. Guards must actively guard by scanning the pool and enforcing pool rules.
  • Guards must be in uniform and have a whistle while on duty.
  • When on duty and not on break, guard may not fraternize with friends.
  • When on duty, at least one guard must watch the pool during times when children are swimming.
  • Guards will rotate positions every 15, 20, or 30 minutes, depending on the number of people in the pool(s) and guards on duty.
  • During a break, a guard must let the other guard(s), or manager, know of their location in case of an emergency. Guards who wish to leave the pool temporarily for any reason must notify whatever other staff member is present, and may leave only if the safety of the pool is not compromised.
  • Guards many not leave the pool for any reason during a shift other than a personal emergency, at which time the guard will notify the manager before he or she leaves.
  • Guarding will be done from one of three lifeguard stations. The guard will sit in the chairs located at the stations, or walk the pool deck. If the guard is alone, the guard will alternate between sitting on a station chair and walking around the pool(s).
  • Guards will open and close the pool in accordance with the posted procedures found in the guard office.
  • Guards will clean all restrooms, showers, and surrounding areas in accordance with the posted procedures found in the guard office.
  • Guards will put “No Guard on Duty” sign out before closing the pool.
  • Cellular phones or any other electronic devices are not allowed on the pool deck while a guard is on duty, but may be used during a break ONLY AFTER ALL OTHER TASKS HAVE BEEN COMPLETED.
  • Guard use of alcohol, tobacco or drugs on Sleepy Hollow property is strictly prohibited.


  • Attend all staff meeting and training sessions.
  • Stay up to date on the policies, procedures, rules, events, and activities at Sleepy Hollow. If you have any suggestions for improving our club, please share them.


Please note that this list does not represent the total responsibilities of a lifeguard at Sleepy Hollow. 

Other responsibilities, in addition to those listed below, may be assigned at any time as the manager or Sleepy Hollow Board sees fit.




  • Uncover Pool
  • Confirm all prior day’s Closing Duties were completed
  • Check that Main Drain is Visible and Attached
  • Check Pool Chemicals every 4 hours
    • Chlorine 1.5 – 5.0
    • PH 7.4 – 7.6
  • Open Restrooms and turn on lights
  • Check that Restrooms are clean and fully stocked
    • TP, Paper Towels, Soap, Lost & Found, counters, toilets and mirrors
  • Clean and Store Pool Vacuum
  • Sweep Pool Deck of all leaves
  • Clean Deck Drains of debris
  • Clean Tables and Chairs
  • Clean BBQ’s and BBQ Area – empty BBQ grease tray
  • Check Garbage Cans and Recycle Cans
  • Set-up Lifeguard Stations and Equipment
  • Check that Lifeguard Office is clean
  • Unlock ALL Gates (4)
  • Lock-up Club House




  • Pick-up ALL Garbage and Debris on the Pool Deck/Grass
  • Pick-up Lost & Found and store properly
  • Secure ALL fins, kick boards, goggles, etc.
  • Arrange Pool Furniture correctly – ALL umbrellas are down
  • Empty Garbage Cans and Replace or Re-use Can Liners
  • Empty Recycle cans every day
  • Clean and Re-supply the Restrooms
    • FOLD and STORE lost and found
    • Wipe counters
    • Wipe mirrors
    • Clean Toilet Areas
    • Sweep Bathroom Floor
    • Mop Bathroom and Shower Floor if obviously needed
    • Fill Soap Dispensers
    • Re-supply paper towels
    • Re-supply toilet paper
    • Empty feminine hygiene boxes
  • Clean Outdoor Tables & Chairs
  • Clean BBQ’s – Empty BBQ grease tray
  • Rearrange tables and chairs in the Carpeted Area
  • Vacuum Carpeted Area
  • Clean LG Office
  • Lock both Bathroom Doors
  • Lock ALL Pool Access Gates (4)


How to apply:

For anyone interested: Please email your resume to and put the role you are applying for in the subject line. Include either a cover letter or a few sentences on why you believe you are a good fit for the job.


Please spread the word! We love employing Legends, but are also open to hiring non-members. Potential candidates will be contacted and interviews will be held over the next few months to ensure we are fully staffed for summer. Direct any questions to  The Club welcomes all qualified applicants to apply with hiring decisions made at the Club's discretion.