Legendland Director

Legendland is a summer recreation program for 5-10 year olds at the Sleepy Hollow Swim and Tennis Club.  Campers can enjoy a variety of activities as well as attend their scheduled swim and/or tennis practices.  The Legendland Director’s job involves administrative duties and supervisory responsibility for staff and campers.  The Director also ultimately oversees and has responsibility for all camp activities.  The Director will act as a positive adult role model, coach, mentor, and express a genuine interest in the growth, development, and provision of a safe, nurturing and fun environment for the campers.  The Director’s ability to establish authority through leadership, communication, and most importantly patience, will be required to provide campers with the stable and nurturing atmosphere that is necessary for success. 

Job responsibilities:

  • Conceptualize and implement Legendland curricula and weekly themes. Develop age appropriate activities that keep children engaged. Weekly themes and activities can be reapplied from previous years.
  • Interview and hire Staff members. Structure and coordinate pre-summer and ongoing training for all staff.   Review list of counselors from last summer with positive reviews who are interested in returning and recruit for additional staff as needed.
  • Lead pre-summer camp planning and organization.
  • Oversee and manage Legendland camp counselors. Includes developing weekly counselor schedules, submitting timesheets and payroll, assessing work performance ongoing and through mid-summer reviews, and taking disciplinary measures when necessary.
  • Manage the Legendland budget.
  • Work with Swim Coaches and Tennis Coaches to understand schedules and activities so that counselors ensure campers get to their scheduled activities on time.
  • Communicate with parents and the SHSTC Board Legendland liaison prior to and throughout the summer for any needs, issues, or concerns.
  • Ensure the counselors have a plan to support the Legendland lunch program and that campers get lunches as scheduled.

How to apply:

For anyone interested: Please email your resume to shstcjobs@gmail.com and put the role you are applying for in the subject line. Include either a cover letter or a few sentences on why you believe you are a good fit for the job.

Please spread the word! We love employing Legends, but are also open to hiring non-members. Potential candidates will be contacted and interviews will be held over the next few months to ensure we are fully staffed for summer. Direct any questions to shstcjobs@gmail.com.  The Club welcomes all qualified applicants to apply with hiring decisions made at the Club's discretion.